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Our Hybrid Analysts Use AI-Driven Insights for Optimal Returns

MCC Core Values


Embracing differences and fostering inclusivity, recognizing that diverse perspectives and experiences lead to better business outcomes.


Ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or other factors.


Creating a culture that encourages collaboration, participation, and respect for all individuals, and providing a safe and welcoming environment for diverse perspectives.

ESG principles

We embody Environmental, Social, and Governance principles that consider the impact of business decisions on the environment, society, and corporate governance.

Corporate Governance

Our operating model is design to ensure the company acts in the best interests of all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, and the wider community.

Risk Management

Balancing return and loss through diversification, limits, and hedging for long-term success..

Investor Protection

Safeguarding of investors' interests , ensuring that their investments are protected from fraudulent activities and that companies meet their regulatory requirements and ethical obligations.


We adhere to strong moral and ethical principles, demonstrating honesty and sincerity in all business dealings.


Ensuring that all stakeholders are treated equally and justly, with no bias or discrimination.


Focus on collaboration and cooperation with colleagues, partners, and stakeholders, working towards a common goal.

Unbiased Insights for Optimal Returns

Our Data-Driven Approach Uses AI
 Evidence-Based Analysis


Regulatory focused Investment Thesis

We employ regulator framework to identify crypto investment opportunities and manage risk, while promoting transparency and compliance."

Seasoned Cross Hybrid Analyst

Our seasoned hybrid analyst with crypto, financial, business, compliance, ESG and data science expertise provide us with a more comprehensive and strategic assessment enables strategic assessment of crypto funds ultimately leading to better investment decisions and outcomes.

AI-Driven Insights

Our Financial models incorporate risk, ESG ratings, and capital adequacy to optimize outcomes in crypto fund investments

Financial model Incorporating risk, optimizing outcomes

Our Financial models incorporate risk, ESG ratings, and capital adequacy to optimize outcomes in crypto fund investments

Evidence-based and data-driven approach

We employ an objective, systematic, and verifiable data approach to fund ROI analysis that seeks to avoid biases or preconceptions in Investment decision-making


Gain exposure to the best in class diversified portfolio of crypto assets through a single investment vehicle across a range of different crypto funds that invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies, rather than investing in individual cryptocurrencies directly.

Invest with Impact

Our Crypto Fund of Funds Promotes Fairness and Transparency in the Market



Run by a diverse balanced group that also includes minorities and females Investment alternatives investment managers globally with a vision to bring diverse market perspectives, access to new markets, strong work ethics and resilience providing a valuable benefit to the wider economy.


With a proven history of over 26 years in alternative asset management Portfolio working for tier 1 financial institutions

Complaints and ethics

Strong compliance driven ethics and subject matter expects across 14 regulations including Crypto Asset Regulation, including building Regulatory Control Frameworks, Liaising with Competent Authorities and building world-class Regtech Solutions

Sustainability is Smart Investing

Our Fund Supports Sustainable and Equitable Crypto Growth