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Our Hybrid Analysts Offer Strategic Crypto Insights for Better Outcomes

We utilised industry tested market research with focus on fundamental, technical, economical and regulatory analysis to build active fund Matrices with the goal to achieve impressive returns, investing in areas with large addressable market with huge sector opportunity growths.

Investor protection is at the core of our business model that’s why our model focuses on minimizing investment risk through strategic diversification. 

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.” — Warren Buffet

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Improved insights leading to superior results!!

Simon Vandi discusses everything you need to know about crypto regulations – from classified laws that allow responsible safeguarding for all key participants in the market, to how the FTX market crash could have been prevented. You won’t want to miss this episode!  


Investing with Innovation

Our Cutting-Edge Technology Identifies

 Opportunities and Minimizes Risks

We look for Funds employing a balance investment strategy that accommodates some of the following strategies:

Our strategy is to leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches to analyse market trends, identify opportunities and risks, and make data-driven investment decisions that maximize returns and minimize risk.

We continuously monitor and adapt to changing market conditions and regulations, maintain strong compliance and risk management practices, and collaborate with leading industry experts and partners to stay ahead of the curve.

Our high-level Investment Philosophy focuses on:

  • Economic Analysis, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Regulatory Analysis List item two
  • Optimizing risk-adjusted returns and minimize drawdowns by opportunistically allocating into proven trading/investment strategies.
  • Analysing the volatility surfaces and determining the trading opportunities relevant to each proven trading/investment sub-strategy.Intrinsicly viral testing procedures with ideas.
  • Combining fundamental blockchain analysis and technical indicators to minimize risk
  • Monitoring continuously and evaluating Portfolio Management or contingent liability transaction

Maximizing Your Investment Potential

Our Innovative Technology and Expertise Delivers Unmatched Analysis

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Our investment portfolio includes hedge funds that utilize a diverse range of trading strategies such as long/short, A.I., quants, high frequency, multi-strategy, market neutral, and arbitrage trading, yield farming, staking among others.

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