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Our investment portfolio includes hedge funds that utilize a diverse range of trading strategies such as long/short, A.I., quants, high frequency, multi-strategy, market neutral, and arbitrage trading, yield farming, staking among others.

Our Location's

MCC headquarters is located in Manhattan New York our UAE office is located in Abu Dhabi & soon will be opening office in London & Singapore.

Manhattan, New York

One World Trade Center, New York
285 Fulton Street, Suite 8500,
New York NY, 10007
United State of America

Abu Dhabi, UAE

World Trade Center, Abu Dhabi
Hamdan Street, Level 17, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

MCC with its strategic portfolio diversification & optimization driven by AI offers a lower Downside risk (Drawdown & standard deviation) compared to one Individual fund or asset. 

MCC considers Macroeconomic factors & quant hedging for fund selection & allocation to achieve a relatively stable portfolio compared to individual funds or assets. As crypto can be & is a high volatility market.

The fund selection process is carried out with strenuous due diligence & MCC's dedicated Analyst team identifies the best fit for the least possible risk.

MCC does not simply Invest in other funds but works in close tandem with fund managers to Provide a regulatory & compliance framework to mitigate future risks. Due to this MCC is charged considerably lower fees for investment in target funds which a normal investor would have to pay otherwise

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